Tuesday, September 27, 2011


I have mentioned before that my kids are map lovers and budding geography buffs! They love to learn about new countries and find them on the map. We have games on the ipad that encourage this, and many of our history lessons find us at the map tracing the routes of great explorers.

Well, thanks to Timberdoodle and Bright Ideas Press we no longer have to crowd around our little maps or even try to find the exact place on our large wall maps. We can go straight to Wondermaps on the computer and look up exactly what we are talking about. When Paul and I were studying South America it was easy to pull South America up and see all the aspects of South America that we needed to look at. It was easy to add or take away geographical components that we did or did not want to look at. We can also print out the maps with or without the various components. Here I printed just the country borders and names for him to learn the countries. Later I printed a blank map for him to fill out what he had learned.

When we moved on to American History and started studying the Civil War we could easily pull up a map of what the United States looked like at that time and exactly which states were in the Union and Confederate forces.

The kids have also thoroughly enjoyed simply browsing through the multitude of maps on the computer.

There are so many maps in this program there is no way I can list them all. There are maps from Biblical times as well as all throughout the rest of history, and all over the world. There is no way I can do this program justice, so take a look at the tutorial on YouTube

You can purchase WonderMaps as a CD here for only $44.95. That may seem like a good bit of money, but this is something you can use throughout all of your children's schooling. In the long run, this is very much worth the money.

You can find more great geography items at Timberdoodle-here

And make sure you go here and take a look at their online catalog or order a paper copy to see all their great products.

Disclosure: I received a free copy of WonderMaps for review. All opinions in the review are my own, and no other compensation was given for the review.

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