Sunday, September 11, 2011

Time 4 Learning - a review

We have officially been "hitting the books" for 4 weeks now. And it has gone amazingly well. Typically by this time I am re-evaluating the curricula we chose and looking for some fresh ideas. But, this year, we are happily plugging along learning, and having fun.

I was a little nervous about starting this year because it is the first year that I really needed to "school" all three of the kiddos. Molly is eager to learn and needed some definite learning objectives, but Zach still requires a lot of one-on-one time and then there is of course, Paul, who works very independently--but still needs Mom--and I still want to be there with him. So, it was a balancing act. One that was helped greatly by a product I was asked to review. Time 4 Learning is an online learning program designed for home educators.

Time 4 Learning works on many aspects of your child's education, and can be used for children ages preschool - 8th grade. It can be used as a complete curriculum or as a supplement to your Homeschool curriculum. We used the younger program for Molly. She was so excited to have a review product that was hers. Since we limit the kids media time drastically she was also excited to have a little extra screen-time, since it was for a review item. The boys were a little jealous!

The preschool program she was working through worked on several aspects of her education. Mainly it helped with pre-reading skills, Math foundations, creativity, music, art, and science. She was able to work very independently which helped with the juggling act of educating all three without taking the entire day. She loved the "videos" that taught her shapes, colors, letters, and more. There was also many games and activites that kept her engaged in the learning process.

Time 4 Learning offers a monthly subscription rate of 19.95/month with each additional child costing $14.95

Our thoughts
We did enjoy Time 4 Learning. I can see the wonderful educational benefits as well as the benefits of learning while Mom is busy with other children. I can definitely see how this program would be very beneficial in certain circumstances of life. However, I am not a fan of screen time being the main source of education, especially for a very young child. This would be a great supplement program especially in an extra busy season of life.

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Time 4 Learning also has a 14 day guarantee of you would like to try the program to see if it works for your family.

Disclosure: I received a 30 day subscription to Time 4 Learning as a member of the TOS Crew. There was no other compensation given for this review and all opinions given are mine.

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