Thursday, September 8, 2011

Fearlessly Feminine Challenge Day 5

Here is yesterday's photo that I never got posted--it was taken before church last night. I teach a class of first graders so I don't dress for Wednesday night church as much as I would for Sunday. My black skirt is another "key" piece of my wardrobe. I need a couple more, but this one I LOVE. It's a black stretchy (but not tight) material. It's more casual then my long black "dressy" skirts. It has been a little cooler the last few days (which is really rare for September in the south) so Molly and I both enjoyed a change with being able to pull out some of our fall clothes! I was excited to find one of Molly's dresses from last year that still fits her. She grows so fast!

And here is today's attire (with straight hair too--which I don't wear often, but just didn't have time to do much to it this morning). This is my very casual denim skirt, that is a little shorter than most of my skirts. It is actually a "skort". I bought a few of these at the beginning of summer and they are perfect for days of a lot of "kid" activity I can still jump on the trampoline or ride bikes with the kiddos and they also work great for amusement parks. This is one of Molly's favorite "ensembles". She recently started loving long flowing skirts with a t-shirt. She has several and the brighter the better for her. She loves to show off her personality in her clothing choices!

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