Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Fearlessly Feminine

I am participating in a "Fearlessly Feminine" challenge this week at a friend's blog. You can check out her blog and visit other people who are participating by clicking on the button below.

The challenge is to wear a skirt/dress everyday this week and blog about it. Well, I already do this, so it won't be too much of a "challenge" for me, but it will be fun and hopefully I can encourage other women to do the same.

Many people ask me why I wear skirts/dresses. I simply tell them it is my personal conviction. If they want more information I will continue that I feel like it is one way I can show the Lord I love him and I am "separated unto Him". I believe that Christians are supposed to be the "light" of the world and that we are supposed to be "separated", this is just one way the Holy Spirit has shown me I can do this. Think about it, if you see a lady walking in the mall and she has on a knee-length (or longer) skirt you will typically think "I bet she's a Christian". That's what being separated and a light is all about--to show others that you are a Christian. It doesn't mean that those that don't have that conviction aren't Christians or that those that do are any better than those that don't. It is simply my way of showing the Lord I love him. There are so many other wonderful things about wearing skirts too....you are treated with more respect and more like a lady by the men around you. I just love being treated like a lady!

I don't like pics of myself, currently, but I will try to post some later this week. But for now, here is a picture of Molly wearing a dress on a recent trip to California. Yes, she too wears dresses/skirts when leaving the house. I am trying to teach her early about modesty and about following the Lord.

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Swinging On Small Hinges said...

Thanks for linking up! You are so right. When I see somebody wearing a modest skirt around town I do automatically think they are Christians...and that they have high standards. I love it!