Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Fearlessly Feminine Day 3

I missed the first two days so I am posting twice today.

Paul took this picture of Molly and myself today, ready to run errands. This is pretty typical of what I wear - a just below the knee skirt--typically denim or khaki and then Molly has a million sundresses, and in chillier days we just throw on a jacket or sweater. She likes her dresses long, as do I. It's easier for her to not show her underclothing to the world if her dress is long. I also like the fact that they last longer before they get too short to wear. She just thinks they are prettier when they are long and she gets cold easily so the longer dresses cover her legs. She went through a short phase where she wanted to wear jeans like the boys. I finally figured out she wanted pockets so now she has several skirts and dresses with pockets.

Earlier today I addressed the question as to why I wear skirts. Now I would like to address the question as to when I made this decision. For a long time now, at least 10-12 years, I wore skirts most of the time, but it wasn't a personal conviction. I still wore my jeans when it was cold and shorts some in the summer. About two years ago I was doing a Bible study about separation and the Holy Spirit totally convicted me with regards to my dress. I did not dress immodestly, but I wasn't separated in that area. I also heard a message about that same time entitled "Do you love God enough". It was all about if you love God enough to submit to His will for your life. Do you love Him enough to be different, do you love Him enough to be separated, do you love Him enough to ask for guidance in ALL areas of your life. I was even more convicted. And then, I heard a lady speak at a ladies conference about asking the Holy Spirit what you should wear each day. Man, was she talking directly to me?!? After that I was totally convinced that the Lord was trying to tell me something. So, I FINALLY submitted to His will in the area of dress. It was NOT easy. The winter was the hardest, I so desperately wanted to put on my jeans. Last winter I finally got rid of all my jeans and pants. Now, it's not as hard and I do enjoy looking more feminine and following God in this area of my life.

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