Sunday, September 4, 2011

Week Three Complete!

We had yet another successful week of "homeschooling"--Steve and I really don't like the term "schooling" our kids, educating is a better word for what we do around here, but the term is hard not to use. Anyway, onto our week.

We started our week with a field trip, which is always a very fun addition to our education. You can see pics here.

Since the temps are starting to cool off a tiny bit, at least in the mornings, we enjoyed some school outside this week. The kids love this and will work so diligently. The trampoline has become our school table on these outside school days. It keeps the dog from taking off with pencils and paper!
We started our new science book, Apologia's "Flying Creatures of the Fifth Day"

Zach and Molly finished up their "Runaway Bunny" lap books. Zach loves to sit ON the table to work. I don't always let him but sometimes I choose not to fight that battle.

Zach worked SO hard on writing his numbers and he got them ALL facing the correct direction. He was super excited, as was I, so of course we needed a picture!

Molly wants to read so badly and has worked extremely hard on her Abeka phonics so I went ahead and pulled out the first "book" in the curriculum. She was very happy to be "reading" a "real book" even if it was just letters. She is starting to put together short vowel words. She is amazingly smart!

The kids have been playing "Stack the States" on my iPad for several months now and have learned an amazing amount about US Geography. Zach has been the one to really learn the most from it, he knows almost all the capitals and where each state is located on the map. He even knows the shape of most states. We have turned it into a family adventure to learn geography and we often make the state shapes out of food items and the lunch and dinner table. Well, they have been asking for awhile for the "Stack the Countries" iPad game so I gave in on Thursday of this week. They really don't know any world geography so they spent the day in front of the maps and with the atlas and are now conquering World Geography. Zach was so excited when a question about Togo was asked and he knew the answer because we read about a tribe in Togo that doesn't have a Bible in their language in his "Akebu to Zepotec" book from Sonlight--Have I mentioned I LOVE Sonlight--I am not sure why we never used it before! Anyway, I can't complain about a game that gets all three of my children, ranging from 4 - 10 talking about Geography and looking up the answers TOGETHER! It was a wonderful day!

We ended the week at the mall for lunch and met up with some friends and had a wonderful time in fellowship with them.

The weekend included another family wedding. This time it was local. Steve's cousin got married and Steve was honored to be a groomsman. It was a very beautiful outdoor wedding.

Their son, Noah, was the ring bearer. He is the cutest two year old and full of "spunk", much like his parents!

The reception included dancing and food. We are Baptists so we typically "don't dance", but Molly didn't get the memo...

Neither did Zach...

Paul is a little too self-conscious to dance (it's really a good thing, because he has absolutely NO rythym!) But he was sure COOL in Daddy's shades! And being "cool" is pretty important to an "almost" 10 year old!

That was our week, how was yours?

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Laura O in AK said...


It looks like a very fun week of learning for the whole family. Love the pics of the kids at the wedding, too.

Our Village is a Little Different said...

A field trip, a wedding, and your daughter's first real book! It sounds like an exciting week. I'm glad you had another successful week. We start on Wednesday.

Don't you love Stack the States?

Jennifer said...

Looks like you had beautiful weather for lessons outside. My middle daughter likes to bring her work to the trampoline, too.

Our Homeschool Reviews said...

I can't wait until the weather here is cooler. I am itching to get out more. I was joking with a friend last week that I finally gave in and spent the $0.99 on the full version of Stack the States. My daughter loves it and it's such a great game! I may get the country one too later on. Looks like you had a good week!

Jesse said...

Looks like a wonderful week! I love it that Zach was successful on his numbers. Isn't it wonderful when they work hard and it pays off for them?! Way to go!

Mary said...

Great week! I love Apologia Zoo books - so neat!