Tuesday, June 28, 2011

2011-2012 Curriculum Choices

I posted our curriculum plans a while back here, here, and here . Well, when actually went to the homeschool conference a few things changed, either due to cost, or just not liking the looks of something, or simply falling in love with something different. So, here are our FINAL plans for next year---well, nothing is final around here.

We will also be reviewing for the TOS Homeschool Crew again this school year and the vendor list so far looks absolutely amazing with lots of games and really fun supplemental activities so we will be doing that along the way as well

So, here it is:

4th/5th Grade
Sonlight Core 4 - I think it is now Core E but either way it's the second half of American History. We will use this for Read-Alouds, Readers, Poetry, and History/Geography. Plus we will be using the Bible memory verses

Math--Teaching Textbooks 5

Grammar/Writing/Language--IEW "All Things Fun and Fascinating" as well as Abeka 5th grade language/grammar.

Handwriting--Queen Homeschool Copywork for Boys

Science--Apologia Zoology: Flying Creatures of the Fifth Day

Spelling/Vocabulary--Big IQ Kids

Bible--Queen Homeschool: "An Honorable Boy", "God's Armor:Suited for Life" and "Journaling Through the Book of Proverbs"

1st Grade

Sonlight Core 1 - Again, I think it is Core B now but I bought used so it is Core 1. It is an Introduction to World History. We will use this for Read-Alouds, Readers, Poetry and History/Geography.

We will be using Abeka for phonics (just the phonics workbook not the readers--I like the idea of him reading real books and so does he so we are going to work through the workbook to make sure he has all the phonics rules but we will use the Sonlight readers) language, handwriting, and Math.

Science--Apologia Zoology: Flying Creatures of the 5th Day

Spelling--Big IQ Kids

Bible--Positive Action for Christ 1st Grade

4 yr preschool

She will be following along with Zach for Bible as well as whatever she desires to do with History and Science. She really wants to "do school" so I also got her Abeka K4 Numbers and Letters. I really like the Abeka for a good foundation. We don't do all of the worksheets (way too many worksheets for young kiddos in my opinion) but it gives us a great place to start and make sure we are covering everything.

So there you have it our "plans" for next year. Of course, it could all change but everything is purchased and I am busy organizing everything so I don't think anything will change until we've given everything a good try for the first 6 weeks or so of school. At that point I will evaluate and possibly change things if they simply aren't working for us--that's the beauty of homeschooling!

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