Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Media Free Days!

I have never allowed my kiddos to sit and stare at the tv endlessly (unless they are really sick). But I will admit that they watch more than I think they should. Some days the tv just gets turned on for the two littlest ones, or it's rainy out so they spend more time watching tv. We also have several computers in our home, since my husband is a gadget/computer guy, and, I am almost ashamed to admit, we broke down a couple years ago and let Grandparents get the kids a Wii. And then there is our latest toy (really it's supposed to be my latest toy)-the iPad. All these distractions pull us away from whats most important--our family!

I really think screen time and media is a major problem with today's kids. They stare at the screen way too often, then parents wonder why their child can't focus at school--it's because they are so used to all the visual effects the computer, tv, and video games offer they cannot focus on a regular page in a book, it's simply not exciting enough for them, it's not what their brains are accustomed to.

Although we have always limited our kids screen time we wanted to take it further. We recently instituted MEDIA-FREE days in our home. Sunday-Wednesday are totally media free. Thursday and Friday it is allowed but still seriously limited. It is also allowed on Saturday but we are typically out doing things with family and friends on Saturday so it dent happen unless we have a family movie night. It hink the toughest part of this has been for me. The kids used to get up and watch PBS while I finished getting ready for the day. Now, it is requiring more discipline on my part to get up a little earlier to make sure I am ready to take on the day before they wake up. I am still really working on this (I am NOT a morning person).

It has been interesting to see what has transpired in the last couple of weeks since we have started this. The kids have quit asking to play the Wii or watch tv, or play the iPad as much even on the days it is allowed! When they wake up they start playing-TOGETHER. I have seen more imagination and less arguing over the last few weeks and it has been so refreshing.

My inspiration for this post came from this blog post about Media-Free bedrooms. Our kiddos have never had a tv in their rooms and I can't imagine putting one in there but I know a lot of people who do.

So, I am joining the movement to "unplug your family". It is amazing what it will do for your kids and for you. Imagine if we took all the time we spend watching tv or playing on the computer and spent it as a family! I think we would see waybless divorces and many more thriving families and children!

Be sure and take a look at this blog where she talks a lot about unplugging your family and the challenges and joys that come along with the pressures of today's society!

As a side note, as I write this my kiddos are all happily PLAYING outside and I am about to go turn the sprinklers on and join them for an afternoon of sun and fun with the kiddos!

My kiddos being kiddos - OUTSIDE

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