Wednesday, March 23, 2011

2011-2012 Plans--MOLLY

One last child to plan for. The boys both went to preschool for their 4 year old year, but we have decided not to send Molly. I am excited about this, but a little nervous about teaching all three kids. Of course Molly has been here this year but she hasn't had a set curriculum (except for a few review items that have worked well for her) and we have only schooled when she wanted to. She stays with us most of the time for Zach's Math and can count to 100 with ease and is starting to learn to tell time. She knows her letters and we are working through her letter sounds (thanks to the All About Reading curriculum we are reviewing--review to come in April!!!)

So, I am open for suggestions for this. I know she will only be 4, but she is eager to do school with the boys, and she is so incredibly smart. Do I just continue to let her listen in as the boys do school and not worry about her yet, or do I do a set curriculum with her for writing and reading. I am really enjoying AAR so I might get the Level 1 when that becomes available, but not sure what to do with Math. She is ready for more of a Kindergarten level Math and not preschool, but am I ready to have to do school with her everyday. Paul will be working more independently next year (hopefully anyway) so that will free my time up some. But, Zach requires me to be right beside him for most things! Anyway, any one have any thoughts for my super smart, extra creative baby girl. I want to enourage her but not push her too much. I am not the type that wants my kids above grade level just to say they are. But, if they need to be above grade level I am good with that too. Thoughts???

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Heather said...

Do you use a computer at all with homeschooling? My kids previewed a program called Reading Eggs (just google it) and we loved it. It is very sound academically (and fun for the kids while still being very educational), and starts from the beginning, up to third grade.

It is less expensive for the second and third children, as long as all are signed up at the same time. If you do the two week trial, they will offer you a percentage off if you order in the first five days. After that, they will offer extra months for the normal price. Just don't wait to the end to order...then you get no discounts!

Really, having the ability to have one of my three amigos on the computer while I work with the other two (or vice versa) has been a good thing for us this year. It might be worth looking into.