Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Yesterday's Classics Review

I think all homeschoolers will agree that one of the biggest problems with homeschooling is the over abundance of books you end up with. After just a couple of years of homeschooling we have books everywhere. Even before homeschooling I was always buying the kids books. So, we have books in every corner of the house. So, the idea of ebooks is wonderful to me. I have downloaded many books to my laptop over the years and either read them straight from the laptop or print them out and read them to the kids. The searching for good books online is sometimes long and arduous. With Yesterday's Classics the search for books is over!


Yesterday's Classics is fairly well known for their paperback reprints of older classic books. Now, they offer 225 classic books in either epub or Kindle format to download to your ereader or personal pc/laptop. The 225 books are offered for a very reasonable price of only $99 for a limited time. Check it out here After May 31 the price will go back to $149, still a wonderful price for all these books.

You can enjoy books from 22 different genres. A few of the genres we have enjoyed the most are juvenile fiction, historical fiction, poetry and theater. Many of these books are used in popular curriculums, such as Heart of Dakota, Ambleside Online and more. I have also already added several of the biography selections to Paul's reading schedule from Sonlight next year, as well as a few of the history books to our read-aloud schedule for Paul and Zach for next year.

The Technical Side
Until I had the opportunity to review this marvelous product I never thought about needing an e-reader. Since we didn't have an e-reader we reviewed the epub version of the books. The books worked beautifully using Adobe Reader from my laptop and we used them frequently. There are beautiful pictures, a table of contents and everything is already categorized for you. The books were very easy to download. But, it made me want some type of e-reader. After much research we decided on an iPad 2. No, it's not just an e-reader, it's so much more (and we LOVE it--but that's not what this review is about!) So, we figured out it was so simple to move the books from my laptop to the iPad. Another great feature of this collection is that you have full rights to it, so you can put it on as many devices as you have, and you can print them out as often as you desire! After moving the 225 books to the iPad 2 we have enjoyed these books even more. The kids have really enjoyed reading "Rollo at Work" and "Rollo at Play" as our night time reading. I love the fact that we can turn all the lights out and lay in the bed and read just with the light of the iPad--WOW, it truly is a "techy" world now-a-days when we are reading by the light of a wireless reading device!

Our Thoughts
As you can probably already tell we totally adore this product. I am so excited about the possibilities this product offers us. I am sure we will be using these books for years to come. Paul is excited to read the ones I have placed on his reading list and is even more excited about being able to read them on the iPad (anything that gets the kids excited about reading is ok with me). If one wanted to you could easily take these books and use them for an entire history curriculum. And, since they were originally written and published in the late 1800's and early 1900's they are REAL history, not the watered down, historically inaccurate, but politically correct books you find today. The books are also great works of literature. I have always read to the kids, and often read to them above their level so that they have stretch their minds. All three kids have wonderful vocabularies and even strangers comment on the big words that come out of our kids mouths (in a good way!) I contribute their wide vocabulary to the literature that they have heard since they first came home. It is so difficult to find good books today. We go to the bookstore and have to wade through all the toys and games to just see the books, and then they are books that don't offer any real information. I can not say how excited I am to have all these books at the tip of my fingers. I can't imagine how much it would have cost to purchase all these books, not to mention the space on our already overflowing bookshelves.

A couple of highlights of the titles in this bundle:

Photobucket Photobucket

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Disclaimer: I received this product for free. There was no other compensation given and all opinions are my own.

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