Monday, May 9, 2011

Monki See - Review

We were recently asked to review a product by a company called MonkiSee

Monki See is a DVD collection designed for ages 0-3. According to their website "Your baby will be exposed to upbeat music, original poetry, lovable puppets and real life images that will keep your baby excited while teaching your baby to read early in life."

We received the "Baby's First Words" DVD and the "Know Your Monkey" book that goes along with the DVD. This particular DVD is designed to teach babies their body parts while also teaching them to read. The way the DVD does this is by showing a word on the screen and then saying the word and showing that object in several different ways. For instance, the word "head" is introduced and then different animals are shown and short sentences are told about that animal's head. There are silly puppets and silly stories to go along with it. Each time the word is used it is shown on the screen. There is also a slide show option on the DVD that shows each word individually and then a picture of that body part. A parent guide is also included on the DVD that tells you about the company and the ideas behind the DVD and books. The parent guide suggests you have your child watch the DVD daily for at least 4 weeks.

The book "Know Your Monkey" accompanies the DVD and reinforces the words shown on the DVD. The monkey puppets that are in the DVD are also in the book.

There are 3 different DVDs teaching body parts, shapes and colors. You can purchase any one of these DVDs here for $19.95 each. There are also many other options for purchasing the DVD's as a set and with the books and flashcards. You can take a look at their store here and see all the products they have to offer.

Our thoughts

Molly is at the high end of the suggested age range for this product so for her, the DVD itself did not hold her attention. I can definitely see her (and Zach) having enjoyed it at younger ages. It is simple, which I really like for DVD viewing for young children. The music is very upbeat and engaging and the puppets are fun, bright, and colorful. It would be a very useful tool to teach young children their body parts, especially if it is watched with a parent or older sibling pointing out the young child's body parts that the DVD is talking about.

Both Zach and Molly really enjoyed the book. They love to be read to, and anything with animals in it is right up Zach's alley, so they ask for the book often. Like I said earlier, if they were a little younger, and didn't know their body parts yet this book would definitely have helped with that in a very fun way.

With regards to the teaching reading part of the program: I can see how watching the DVD daily, viewing the slide show daily, and reading the book daily would definitely teach a young child to recognize the words introduced. Babies and young toddlers can learn so much more than most people realize. And I can see how teaching them a few words would give them quite a boost of confidence. However, I do not think it is teaching a child to read when they can pick out a few words. My kids never watched much tv when they were infants and we still really limit their "screen" time. I do like the idea of any screen time at a young age being educational.

So, overall, the DVD and book would be entertaining and educational for a young toddler, and the book will grow with them even up to about age 5 or 6. Will it teach them to read, not in my opinion.

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Disclaimer: I received this product for free in exchange for my honest opinion of the product. There was no other compensation given for the review.

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