Monday, May 16, 2011

Goal Planning Monday

Well, last week's goal was easily accomplished! My wonderful husband and I had a great trip and really enjoyed getting to focus on each other instead of the kids for a few days. We did get a phone call Monday morning while we were relaxing on the beach that Zach had swallowed a dime. Grandma felt like he was ok but wanted to touch base with us. After talking it over we felt like he was probably fine and just asked her to watch him extra close and if there was any sign of anything going wrong to go straight to the ER. Fortunately, everything was fine. So, after that we enjoyed our few days "off". As I already said, it was so nice to have a few days to just focus on our relationship. What a blessing it was to know the kids were being taken care of and we had time for us!

Now, on to this weeks goals. This week is a very busy one for us. Our oldest niece graduates high school on Friday, the boys are both in a baseball tournament all week. Our oldest nephew is coming in town for his sister's graduation and he is staying with us. Not to mention that Molly has developed some type of strange rash and the Dr. doesn't quite know what it is, AND a bug bite got infected, turned in to impetigo and now a staph infection! So, my goals for the week:

1. Get Haley a graduation card before Friday! I can't believe she is graduating high school and moving on to the next face in her life. Steve and I had just began dating when she was born and I remember the day well. She is such a wonderful young lady and we are looking forward to seeing what the next stage of her life holds for her.

2. Get the house in order. The house always falls apart when we come home from a trip. There are piles of laundry to catch up on and messes everywhere. It has to be done before Jake gets here on Thursday. With Molly's staph infection I am washing her sheets daily just to make sure it doesn't spread so that is adding to the piles of laundry.

3. Enjoy Jake being here. Jake spent a good bit of time with us when he was in high school but we haven't seen him at all in almost 2 years (he lives across the country now) and I really want to enjoy him (and his fiance being here)

4. Get curricula ready for used book sale. Our homeschool group has a large used book sale every year and it's this Friday. I don't have a ton of things to sell, but I do have a few. I need to get those items priced and up to the sale by Thursday afternoon.

That's all for this week.

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susan said...

hello michelle,

so glad last week's goal was so enjoyable and so easily accomplished. also glad that the dime incident was a non-issue.

i love that you put "enjoy jake being here" on your list. too many times i forget to do the truly important task of enjoying others on my to-do list.

have a good week.

Lisa said...

Good thing dimes are round ;-)

Hope you've had a good week enjoying your blessings!

Stopping by from GPM