Monday, February 21, 2011

Weekly Goal Planning--Week 2

For some reason I can't get the image to show today so sorry there is no image or button for this post--I will work on that!

I really enjoyed having some weekly goals last week and I did "ok" on keeping them. I did get our Master Bedroom organized which feels great. I went a little over on grocery budget but not too bad considering the new foods I have to purchase for Zachary. Steve and I decided on where to go for our anniversary trip but I didn't get anything booked yet. Zach ate the right foods all week and I let him have a special treat on Friday since he is handling it so well we allowed him to have a burger for lunch on Friday. It's really tough for a 5 year old to not be allowed to have a long list of foods that he really likes; we are doing the best we can.

Steve is taking a class for work about keeping goals "SIM"ple. Goals should be "simple", "important" and "measurable". So here are my "SIM"ple goals for the week...

1. Organize Linen Closet--this is my next room on my overall goal of getting the entire house organized one room at a time. This one should be fairly simple. The closet contains towels and sheets as well as many of our family games at the top. We are in desperate need of new towels and Steve said I could go get some this week so that will help with the organizing when I can jut get rid of many of the towels. I am wanting to "color code" our lives a little bit so each of us is getting a certain color and those towels will be that persons. Paul--blue, Zach--green, Molly--purple, and then I haven't decided on what color towels Steve and I will have.

2. Walk 3x this week--I need to exercise and the best I can do right now is walking while the boys have baseball practice so I am hopeful to be able to do that 3 times this week. It's not alot but atleast it's something

3. Write a Letter or Send a card--I love email and texting but it can make life so impersonal sometimes, so in an effort to change that I have a goal of sending a HAND written letter or card to someone this week. Paul wrote a letter to his cousin Jake last week and I was thinking how special that will be to Jake and it made me realize what a lost art cards and letters are.

4. Stay off the Computer--until the kids are in the bed. This one is really tough for me. I love my laptop and it's home as alway been on my kitchen counter so I can look something up whenever I need/want to. However, it is such a time killer. I find myself spending way too much time "researching" stuff online when I should be loving every moment of the time I have with my kiddos while they are young. So, I have moved my laptop to our bedroom so it is not as easily accessible and my goal is only to get on when the kids are in the bed.

5. Read Mark 1- Luke 4-I just finished Matthew and started Mark this morning. I am trying to read 20 chapters/week so I should be through Luke 4 by the end of this week. I love having my morning devotion with God and spending time in His word and in prayer. It makes my days go so much more smoothly! I am still looking for a great devotional book for homeschooling Moms but can't quite find what I am looking for so I am just reading my Bible daily and finding so much comfort in His word!

So, there are my goals for the week. Don't forget to head over to Mama Manuscripts to see everyone else's goals and link up with your own goals for the week!


Kristi said...

Great goals! My "linen closet" has been taken over by homeschooling supplies. My bedroom is... well, I won't be snapping any photos of it anytime soon, let's just say. ((blush)) I might have to add those to my list for next week. Thanks for stopping by my blog! I"m following yours now! ♥

Christina said...

Stopping by from the TOS Crew. I was lamenting the fact today that I am not so very organized/prepared. I really like the idea of making some small goals each week.

Lisa said...

I'm stopping by on the blog walk. I love to send hand made cards, but I haven't actually hand written a letter in such a long time. I think I'll try to fit that in sometime soon.

Ring Leader said...

Stopping by via Katrina's meme. I got our Master Bedroom cleaned up last week too -- what an accomplishment! How's your computing after kids are in bed going? Have a great week!

Laura O in AK said...

Stopping by as I crawl the TOS Crew blogs. What a great week you had meeting so many goals! I really need to curb computer time, but there are times it is hard to stay off. I do most after everyone is in bed, but am still on a fair bit throughout the day.