Friday, February 11, 2011

Curiosity Files!

Science has always been something that I have struggled with teaching. It is not something I ever enjoyed in school or know much about. The kids love to do science experiments so we often just do an experiment that doesn't really go with anything we are doing and learn about that particular experiment. Paul has completed several Science workbooks over the last 4 years but we have never found a curriculum that we really like.

It all changed when we welcomed "Professor Ana Lyze, Professor in Outlandish Oddities" into our home through a new ebook/unit study -- Curiosity Files. There are many different topics available through the The Old SchoolHouse Store. Topics such as Quicksand, Dung Beetles, Zombie Fire Ants, MRSA, Puffer Fish, Red Tide, the Blue Footed Boobie and more are available for yours and your child's enjoyment! You can purchase the ebooks separately or in a downloadable bundle of 9 for $46 or on CD for $49. The studies are designed for 8-13 year olds but can be tweaked for older and younger students. Even my 3 year old learned something and enjoyed it.

We were given the Quicksand study to review and my boys were super excited to get started! I was immediately impressed with the 82 pages of information and activities in the unit!

Anytime we start a new study I try to start wih something fun so after reading a little about quicksand we made "quicksand goo", just one of the many great hands on activities in the study! I blogged about our gooey afternoon here. The kids loved this activity and it whet their appetite to learn more about quicksand. Paul, of course, learned the most, but the other two definitely enjoyed tagging along. On more than one occasion the kids have come running inside telling me all about finding quicksand in the woods! They remembered learning that quicksand can be found almost anywhere and since we do have a small creek in our woods they were convinced their was quicksand back there...and there probably is!

The unit offers a Bible Study component and Bible verse (KJV) copywork (manuscript and cursive). There are writing,spelling, and vocabulary activities for all ages, arts and crafts, science experiments and so much more. There are also math activities that make a great supplement to any math curriculum. According to Paul "everything in it (the unit) is fun". You will also find internet links to go further with the study and suggested book lists.

We finished the study with a delicious "quicksand snack"

You can check out what other TOS Crew members have to say about this study and all the Curiosity Files here

And don't forget to head on over to the Old Schoolhouse Store and get ready to have a blast with Professor Ana-Lyze. You can also view a sample here. I am sure you will be impressed with all the information packed in to these studies. Don't forget that the best deal is to purchase all nine at once in their bundle pack found here for only $46

Disclaimer: I received this product for free in exchange for my honest opinion of the product. There was no other compensation given for the review

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