Thursday, February 3, 2011


On Monday evening, our nephew, Jake, proposed to his girlfriend and she said YES!

We are so excited for Jake and Stephanie. Unfortunately, Jake currently lives on the other side of the country so we haven't gotten to know Stephanie but I am sure she is perfect for Jake. He can't stop talking about how in love he is and how wonderful Stephanie is! He says she is not like any other girl he has ever dated and he can't believe he gets to marry her.

When he told me how he proposed I was in tears. He is such a romantic guy. The picture below shows how he proposed....he had a waiter write it in chocolate on the dessert plate. The whole restaurant knew it was going to happen (the waiter was as excited as Jake was and told everyone!)

And the ring.... (he did a good job)
So, Congrats to Jake and Stephanie we are so happy for you and love you both!

And here is the beautiful couple!

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Google4me said...

Thank you for posting this! We are looking forward to meeting you all in a few months. We are proud of how far Jake has come and we are glad to have him as a part of our family. See you soon in sunny California!

Sandie Slye (Stephanie's mom)