Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Math Facts Now Review

Anyone who has taught Math knows that instant recall of basic Math facts is so important in later math skills. For kids who haven't learned the basics of addition, subtraction, multiplication and division facts it is hard to move on and learn more advanced math. The problem comes in when a homeschooling Mom simply doesn't have the extra time it takes to practice the facts daily. In comes "Math Facts Now" to the rescue! I was recently blessed with the opportunity to review this downloadable program. The program is very reasonably priced at $15.95 for the download. You can get the CD version for the same price with an additional $3.95 shipping and handling charge. Considering that this product is something that you can keep forever the fee is super reasonable, especially if you have multiple children that will be using it through the years. I know we will use this program for all 3 kids for years to come! The program does not have a set age group. It is geared to work for any age that needs to master any of the 4 basic math skills!


Math Facts Now is simple but so effective. It is not a program to teach the basic facts, but instead it reviews the facts, after the student has some knowledge of the facts, so the student has quick recall.


You can set up the program to do as little or as much as your child is capable of. For Zach, my 5 year old, we worked on addition. We started with just adding ones and moved on to more difficult. With him I give him the maximum time allowed to answer the questions and fewer questions to answer. For Paul, my 9 year old, he is working on mastery of his multiplication facts so we work on all his multiplication facts. Some days he works on a particular set (say his 8's) while other days he reviews his 4's or 5's and still other days he works on all of them together. And some days he reviews addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division. I can also adjust the amount of time he had to answer the question depending on what facts he was working on. The program also has the child type in the problem when they get it wrong. You can adjust how many times you want the child to type it in. This really helped both boys with the facts they struggled with the most. It is not a "fancy" program with lots of graphics and video gaming style. It is simply flashcards on the computer--which was perfect for us!

You can also review how your child did and print progress reports for your child.

The best part of all is that both boys ask to play this "game". They love it!!! What kid loves flashcards...not many, but both mine love Math Facts Now which is just flashcards on the computer! So, take a look at the product here and hear what other crew members have to say here!

Disclaimer: I received this product for free in exchange for my honest opinion of the product. There was no other compensation given for the review

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