Friday, January 21, 2011

Speekee Review


If you are looking for a great immersion program to teach your young children Spanish you have found the right one! I was recently given the opportunity to review "Speekee TV" a UK based Spanish language program that is now available online. A subscription to the program is only $7.50/month. There are 10 episodes (over 150 minutes) designed to be watched multiple times. There are also some great worksheets with each episode that reinforces what the kids are learning in the episode.

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This program would be ideal for homeschoolers or for anyone who just wants their child to learn some basic Spanish. It would be a great introduction for preschoolers who may be entering in to a school that has a Spanish language program to give them a head start in that area. Or an educational and fun afterschool or summer activity for the younger to middle elementary kids!

My children adore "Speekee TV" and can't get enough of the programs. We have watched each episode atleast 5 times and they are still asking for more. On top of that they are learning SPANISH at an amazing rate.

Studies show that the best way to learn any language is through immersion--just like babies learn their first language. So, the episodes are completely in Spanish. Not a word of English is spoken. It has been amazing that after the very first episode all 3 kiddos (even the 3 year old) were saying words appropriately. Plus, the music and songs are so "catchy" they are singing the songs all day long. "Donde Vamos?"/Where are we going? is their favorite song and their favorite question to ask me.

There are Spanish and English subtitles that you can turn off or leave on. I have left them on for my own benefit (adults just don't pick up a language as quickly as children do-even though I had 3 years of it in High School - that was a long time ago!) My oldest is the only one of the three that can read the subtitles and he has enjoyed that and been able to figure out the meaning a little quicker than the other two. Although the two little ones have picked it up really fast too, even without the subtitles. My three year old told my husband in the tub the other day "abajo" as she was sitting down. My husband asked her what that meant and she said "'down' in Spanish." She figured that out from the episode we watched for the first time that day. It is amazing that immersion works and when it is done with a puppet named "Speekee" and other puppets named "Dino" and "Lupi" the kids love it and don't even realize they are learning!


The program is designed for 2-10 year olds and I have an age range of 3-9 year olds and they all love it. I think Paul will love it for just a little while longer before it becomes too "babyish" for him.

You can purchase a subscription for $7.50/month or it is also available on DVD. However, the DVD's are produced in Europe and are in PAL format so they will not work on most DVD players here in the states. The DVD package comes with a 34 track song CD which would be wonderful thing to reinforce the Spanish learned in each episode. However, it is not currently available for individual purchase.

You can take a look at all all the benefits of Speekee and get a two week free subscription here.

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Disclaimer: I received this product for free in exchange for my honest opinion of the product. There was no other compensation given for the review


Vickie said...

Great review. My 4-10 (except the 9 year old) loves Speekee and ask to watch it all the time. They try their best all day long to use the words they've learned.

I've awarded you the Stylish Blog Award (your jelly beans look yummy :) Head over to my blog and pick up your award and read all about it.

Jim said...

¡Hola Michelle! Soy Jim. Thank you for your lovely review of Speekee. I have made a note of this fantastic quote: "My children adore "Speekee TV" and can't get enough of the programs. We have watched each episode atleast 5 times and they are still asking for more. On top of that they are learning SPANISH at an amazing rate." Love to you all from Spain... ¡AdiĆ³s! Jim