Monday, January 10, 2011

Easy Classical Early Modern History Schedule - Review

I was recently privileged to review Easy Classical's Early Modern History Schedule. You can purchase the schedule in it's digital version for $29.95 or a notebook version for $35.95. The curriculum is geared for K-6th graders.
The schedule includes 36 weeks of lessons plus 45 pages of extras! You will also get review questions (with the answers) for each weeks lesson as well as a shopping list of things to have on hand for the next week! You also get detailed instructions on how to use the schedule. This is a truly Classical approach to teaching History, closely aligned to Susan Wise Bauer's books on a Classical education.

The schedule is very easy to follow and very appealing to the eye. It is not visually overwhelming like some schedules I have seen. The review questions as well as the shopping list immediately follow each weeks lessons which is very nice instead of having to flip to a different section of the book to ask questions. I also like the fact that the answers are given right there as well. Sometimes, as a busy homeschooling Mom I haven't studied the lessons near as much as my kids are required to so I like to have a quick way to make sure their answers are correct!

Easy Classical offers many different schedules all set up the same way. The schedule I reviewed was "Early Modern American History (Explorers to 1820) and includes the following:

Explorers (Weeks 1-7)
13 Colonies (Weeks 8-12)
Colonial America (Weeks 13-20)
Road to Independence (Weeks 21-25)
Revolution (Weeks 26-36)

There are many books that go along with this schedule that would need to be purchased separately to use the schedule to it's full potential. However, since homeschoolers are known for our ability to "tweak" everything you can always find something that you already have on hand to substitute for a particular book. All the books the schedule utilizes are listed at the beginning of the schedule. They include history resources as well as writing resources, scheduled read alouds, free reading books, and picture books.
The schedule is quite heavy in the area of reading. Each new topic is typically introduced on Mondays so the reading on Monday is particularly heavy, but it could definitely be split out into other days throughout the week. There are also many activities to appeal to every type of learner. There are also great little icons throughout the schedule to help us busy homeschool Moms remember everything that needs to be done.

If you would like to learn more you can checkout Easy Classical's website and see all their great schedules and products for not only History but Geography, Science, Writing and even complete schedules.

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Disclaimer: I received this product for free in exchange for my honest opinion of the product. There was no other compensation given for the review

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