Friday, January 28, 2011


Everyone at home is asking to see pics of our vacation. We didn't take any of skiing--sorry it was just too hard to ski with three kids and take pictures. We have some video so you can see how amazingly well all three kids did. Zach even skied a blue (moderately difficult) today with no trouble at all. Anyway, here are a few pics of the waterpark, tubing, and the crazy snow we got here on Wednesday. And not to forget, Paul won 1000 tickets at the arcade...
Zach in the snow, pretending to be a gorilla with his "Bubba teeth"


Eating the snow...
Snow Angels...

Zach loved his "Bubba teeth". Between that and his skiing "boo-boo" he is quite a sight!
Paul and the boys that are staying next door. They had a blast making forts in the snow.
Tubing... Molly LOVED it and went down alone several times as well as with Jamie or Daisy...
Daddy pulled her out of the way at the bottom, she had all the fun and none of the work...
Zach loved tubing as well. We are trying to convince him if he can tube and ski he can handle roller coasters. I think he is convinced and ready to "roll"
Paul enjoyed tubing as well. He and Jack went down together every time, just like the water slides the day before.

The waterpark. Molly loved the hot tub, which wasn't really hot and perfect for swimming.
Jack and Paul in the Lazy River. One of the few moments that they weren't on the big slides.
Zach came down the big slides with Jamie. He went down them a couple of times and then decided they were ok but he didn't need to do them again.
Zach...being Zach!!!
Zach and Jamie again. Him going down the slides was so amazing I had to post another one. Buddies will inspire you to do things you never thought you would do!
Steve on the "Flo-Rider"
Paul on the "Flo-Rider" He liked it but was a bit scared.

So, there you go, a sampling of our vacation pics. Sorry there are no skiing pics. I will try to post some videos when we get home. But for now I have to get things packed back up to head home in the morning.

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