Friday, January 7, 2011

See-N-Read Reading Tools Review

Recently I was asked to review a few products from See-N-Read. As always we are eager to try anything new. This was no exception as I am always searching for tools to help my kids in their reading skills.


I was asked to review all three of their products so I will start with the "See-N-Read". According to their website this product is designed to "help readers see, focus and remember text being read while filtering out distractions on the page." It is designed to reduce glare as well as line skipping.


This prodcut is available in a book size for $2.99 each or a document size for $3.49 each. You can also purchase multi-packs.

I had Paul, my 9 year old, avid reader, try this first. He used it a few times at my request and then said it slowed him down to have to move it down the page. He is a superb reader so I didn't make him use it anymore because he became fairly frustrated with it.

Zach, my 5 year old beginning/struggling reader tried it next. I was really hopeful that this would help Zach focus but instead it distracted him more. His books currently only have a couple of lines on each page so it was more distraction for him to have to move the "see-n-read" to the next page then it was helpful. I am continuing to have him use it because I think after he begins to read longer passages it will really help him. I really think this product is great for struggling readers if they can get past the novelty of the product!

I tried it out while I was doing my own personal reading and I had the same problem as my oldest (it slowed me down). However, I do enjoy it while reading aloud to the kids because no matter how many times someone interrupts I still have my place!

So, overall I would purchase a See-N-Read, especially since it is such a small investment of $2.99. It doesn't work for everyone in all situations but it is definitely a nice tool to have around!

The next product was the Memory Mark.


This is the same as the "See-N-Read" but the reading window is cut out so readers can highlight or underline the text. The boys did not have a use for this. I tend not to underline or highlight but instead make notes in the margin of the texts so I did not see the benefit in this tool for our family. I think this product would be very beneficial for high school and college students. The "Memory Mark" can be purchased for the same price as the "See-n-Read".

The final product was the "eSee-N-Read"

Again, the kids, as young as they are had no use for this. So I downloaded it on my laptop. This product works just like the "See-N-Read" except it is on your computer. You can pull it up on top of anything you want to read. The size is also customizable which was a really unique and helpful feature. I do not do a lot of heavy reading online so, for me, I did not use this product very much. I did have my husband look at it and he felt it would be great for analyzing data on circuits, which is what he does for his job. So, for someone who needs to look at lines and lines of data or text and pick out something it would be a very beneficial tool. This product is available as a download for $29.99. It was very easy to install and set up on my computer which is always a plus!

So, overall, though we are not huge users of any of the "See-N-Read" products I can see the benefit of each one for different groups of people. And all three products are very reasonably priced.

You can take a look at the products and read more about the research behind their products at their website here. And don't forget to take a look at what other crew members have to say here

Disclaimer: I received this product for free in exchange for my honest opinion of the product. There was no other compensation given for the review

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