Saturday, November 5, 2011

My first Pinterest Project!!

I have recently been introduced to Pinterest, and WOW is about all I can say! So many great ideas! I am totally floored at the talent that is it there!

Anyway, I have pinned a few things and came up with lots of good Christmas ideas! So, wheni had a spare 30 minutes this afternoon I decided to give the t-shirt scarf a try! It was SUPER easy and cost me nothing except for an old t-shirt I didn't wear anymore! Since this one was just practice I wasn't picky about the color.

A quick tutorial...

Find an old t-shirt, a XL will work best. All I had was a large, but I made it work just to see if I like the idea.

Use a 9 inch plate and draw circles to be cut out on the shirt. These didn't show up in the picture but I made 4 circles on each side.

As I mentioned this was for practice so I didn't worry that I included the "tag less tag" on the shirt or the fact that the front of the shirt had a print on it. The circles don't have to be perfect either, so that's an extra bonus and saves a little time.

Then you just spiral cut the circles and you have 8 long squiggly pieces of fabric

Put them all together, tie in a loose not around the neck and "ta-da" a "shabby-chic" scarf. Now, next time I will use bigger circles (the instructions i have seem say use a 9-inch plate but since I had a smaller shirt I used a smaller circle. I will also cut the fabric wider to make it a bit bulkier. But I was happy with the results. I also put a pin that I had in the middle but I tried it later without the pin and it looked good that way too. I think I am going to try a punk and black version next, I'll be sure and blog about the outcome of that one.

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Jennifer said...

I've seen 2 friends wearing these and they are cute.