Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Bower Books - The Person I Marry - a review

I pray daily that there are 3 sets of parents out there raising 2 Godly girls and 1 Godly Man that my 2 boys and baby girl will one day fall in love with and marry. I pray for specific character traits for each of my children and their respective future spouses. I pray that my children will look to Him when they are choosing their spouse. The person you marry sets the tone for your entire life. Who you marry means a life full of love and happiness or a life full of despair. It is the most important decision, besides salvation, that my children will make. In today's world so many people take marriage too lightly. They don't discuss it with their children. They don't pray about it. They marry for so many wrong reasons. The book "The Person I Marry " takes all the aspects one should look for in a spouse and writes them a beautiful, heart-warming children's book.

The book is published through Bower Books It is written and illustrated by the husband and wife team, Gary and Jan Bower. The pictures in the book are done in a Norman Rockwell style of oil paintings and are absolutely beautiful. Jan Bower used their own 12 children as inspiration for the paintings. The book is hardcover and 32 beautifully illustrated pages. The words are written in a rhyme that really invites the reader to keep reading. The reader (or listener) is reminded of all the qualities that are truly important for a spouse to have. It looks past all of the things today's world looks at. It looks past all of the outside beauty and gently reminds us of what my Mom always says "beauty is only skin deep". It also gives the reminder to "look before you leap".

"The Person I Marry" is available from Bower Books for 11.99. It would really make a great gift for any child, at any age. Or, even for that special teenager or early twenties "child" who is seriously starting to look for that perfect mate. We received the e-book for review but I will be ordering the hardcover book so we can read many more times.

Molly, being 4, dreams about her wedding. She was in her cousins wedding this summer and we attended 4 others of close friends and family. She talks about the colors as well as her dress and she wants to look like a princess. I try to emphasize the marriage, instead of the wedding, but, since she is 4, the wedding is all she really thinks about--which is absolutely fine. With her thoughts on weddings she really enjoyed this book. She currently wants to marry Daddy or one of her brothers so this book will grow with her and remind her of all the character traits she sees in Daddy that she will want in her husband one day. The boys are not as enthralled with the book but the lessons are definitely for them too. Even if they won't curl up beside me and listen they are typically within earshot and will hear the valuable truths of the book. You can see a short clip of this beautiful book through Vimeo

The Person I Marry from Bower Books on Vimeo.

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Disclosure: I received and e-book version of this book for free for purposes of this review. All opinions expressed here are my own, honest opinion. No other compensation was given for this review.

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