Friday, March 4, 2011

Weekly Wrap Up

I am going to attempt to start doing a weekly "wrap-up" of what has gone on in our homeschooling world each week. I think it will help me see that we are making progress, because some weeks I am not convinced that we make any progress at all.

History: We finished up learning about Thomas Jefferson and started our study on Daniel Boone. The kids are really enjoying learning about Daniel Boone and the adventures he had.

Paul - He finished the book he was reading "Danny Orliss Goes to School" published by The Sword of the Lord. He really enjoyed this book and was able to apply some of the character lessons taught in the book to his own life this week! He started reading a novel about Adoniram Judson. I think he will enjoy this book as well. It is a pretty easy read for him.

Zach - Zach is continuing to progress very nicely in his reading. We use Abeka Phonics and he finished one of his readers this week. He also learned several new special sounds - sh and th as well as the "e" at the end of a short word says its long sound--like me, he, and she. He also learned that "y" at the end of a short word says the long "i" sound -- like fly, my, and by. He is doing so well lately with his reading.

Molly- I am so blessed to be able to review the new All About Reading curriculum. It starts with learning letters in a very gentle way. It has been great fun for Molly and I to do this together this week. We are doing two letters each day. We worked on it three days this week and are through letter F. She knows most of her letters already so this is a review and a reinforcement!

Paul - He is working on measurement right now and doing very well. He is using Singapore as well as TenMarks ( you can see my review of this here.) He is almost done with his 3rd grade curriculum.

Zach - He is continuing to work on counting money and telling time. Counting by ten and counting dimes he pretty well has down. Counting by 5's has proven to be a little more challenging but he is coming along nicely. We are also working on writing numbers correctly and he is doing better with that. He is great with addition and practices daily on BigIqKids (review of this coming soon!) Telling time he can do hour and half hour quite nicely. We are not going to move past that until he can count by 5's effortlessly.

Molly - She sits alongside me while I work with Zach so she is learning alot that way. She can count to 30 on her own and can also count by 5's and 10's pretty good. She is also learning to tell time just by listening to my lessons with Zach.

Science: We started a unit on Biomes this week. Basically all we got to was discussing that there are different biomes and what a biome is.

Bible: We are working on different character traits and this week was Being Attentive. We all memorized Proverbs 4:20-21

English: Paul is working through the IEW SWI A (review coming at the end of April) and we LOVE it. He completed lesson 8 this week and wrote a wonderful story about an adventurous treasure hunter. He is also working through Rod and Staff Grammar (3rd grade) and should be finished with that in a week or two!

Spelling: Both boys are doing spelling and vocabulary on BigIQKids and that is going very well. Both boys made a 100% on their spelling quizzes this week!

So, there is our weekly wrap up for school. The kids are all progressing nicely. There are of course other things that we did but there are the basics. It was BEAUTIFUL here this week with highs in the high 60's and lots of sunshine so any extra time was spent outside playing, instead of on extra school stuff. The "extras" (arts and crafts, baking etc) tend to take a backseat to playing when Spring arrives. Playing outside is what kids are designed to do!

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