Monday, March 28, 2011

Goal Planning Monday

After a couple of weeks of craziness life was nice and calm this week! It was such a blessing to be able to have a regular week. We learn to thank our Heavenly Father for simple things when we have a couple of crazy weeks. We enjoyed a week of beautiful weather and picnics on the trampoline (can't picnic in the yard because of the dog so we just move to the trampoline), some great baseball games played by both boys--Paul got his first hit in "kid-pitch", and just some regular days of school work, chores and hanging out at the house--what a blessing! I was able to catch up on laundry and the house is back to semi-normal order. So, this week maybe I can work on a few extra things. My goals for this week:

1. Play a board game with the kids 3 days this week. The kids LOVE board games and we have a ton. Plus, they are very educational. During baseball season we don't have as much time to play in the evenings so I am going to try and make sure to get them in atleast 3 days this week. It is supposed to rain a good bit so board games will be great inside fun.

2. Cut out the pattern for Molly's dress. Right before all the craziness started around here I bought a simple pattern and some material to make Molly a dress. I know the basics of sewing and I own a sewing machine I just haven't used it in many years. So, I am hoping to get started on a dress for Molly this week!

3. Organize two cabinets in kitchen. My plan to get (and stay) organized was thwarted the last few weeks so I want to get back on track. I can't possibly do my entire kitchen this week so my goal is 2 cabinets. I am trying to keep my goals small enough that they are attainable.

4. Call a friend I haven't talked to in a while. I have lost touch with a good friend over the last few months, and I am not sure why--I guess life got busy for the both of us and we haven't made time for our friendship. So, I am writing that as a goal so I will actually do it.

5. Find Easter suits for the boys and a dress for Molly. I like to have this done a few weeks early so I can get their pics done. Finding Molly a dress will be fairly easy; finding the boys suits will be a more challenging task. They are in different sections now--Paul is in the big boys section and Zach is still in little boys, so it's hard to find matching outfits. Plus, it means I have to take them shopping with me and have them try stuff on--which they HATE.

So, there's my week.

Thanks to Katrina at MamaManuscripts for setting up this meme.


Lisa said...

Happy Monday Michelle! I like your board game goal (think I may have to borrow it :-) ).

Dropping by from Katrina's meme.....
Hope you have a great week!

Kristi said...

Dropping by from Katrina's meme...

Oh, my, is it time for Easter clothes already??? Yeah, gotta get on that one, too. I love your board game goal! That might be one I'll have to add in the near future!

Debbie said...

Finally got my goals posted and now I am making the rounds of the others who linked up.

I am playing with one of my children this week. I take a day most weeks and play one on one with one of my children. We also play games as a family but the kids love to have fun days with just mom and them. Makes them feel more special.

We haven't done new clothes for Easter for a while. Maybe next year when I am skinny!

revjen said...

Great goals! I like the mix of fun and function. :)

Kelly S said...

Dropping by from Katrina's meme.....

I love your goal about playing more board games with the kids... I cant wait till my kiddlets are just that little bit older to enjoy board games... I have many memories growing up playing board games with my mum and nan... so much for fun than silly computer games.