Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Write Shop Primary-A - a review

We have not done any formal writing with Zach yet. He writes stories often and enjoys writing, but I knew we needed some formal writing instruction to help with sentence structure.

Write Shop offers writing instruction for Kindergarten through High School. The Primary-A level is designed for Kindergarten through 1st graders. The e-book teacher's guide is available for $24.25 and the activity pack is $4.50. The print edition is available for just a couple dollars more.

The program is very flexible and the teacher's guide explains three different ways to use the lessons. There are 8 activities for each lesson. You can use these lessons over a 1, 2, or 3 week period depending on what works best for your child. Since Zach enjoys writing we chose to do each lesson in 1 weeks time, completing two activities each day for 4 days. Even with two activities each day it only took us about 20 minutes each day to complete the activities.

The activities include brainstorming, pre-writing, writing, publishing, editing and revising techniques. There are also worksheets available as supplemental activities but we did not do alot of those. I am sure they would work well for some kids, just not Zach

Zach does also not like the actual physical part of writing and this program is great for that and encourages you, the teacher, to write for the child if writing is a challenge for them. This is what we did.

Zach loved this program. The first lesson was all about animals, which is Zach's absolute favorite thing! So, that worked out great for him, and for me!
Zach's biggest problem when writing is using periods when needed. He likes to just write, and write, and write and he absolutely hates it when I ask him to go back and put in periods. Me prompting him and having him state the complete sentence while I wrote it really helped him understand the concept of a sentence.

The program is definitely teacher-intense. There are never activities that the child can do completely on their own. However, it really doesn't take much time and it is effective in teaching the child to write well.

Write Shop offers many levels and several of the TOS Crew Members were asked to review different levels. You can get a good feel for all their programs by stopping by the TOS Homeschool Crew Blog and reading the reviews. I am sure there is a level that will work great for your student!

Disclaimer: I received this product for free in exchange for an honest review. All opinions stated here are my own, honest opinion. There was no other compensation given for this review.

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