Monday, May 7, 2012

School's OUT, School's OUT....

Teachers let the monkeys out! That is the song I remember singing on e last day of school. My kids don't know that song, and they (especially the two little ones) barely really know that school is officially out, since we do some sort of school year round. But we are officially done with 5th, 1st and Pre-K!

I love to look back at all the kids have accomplished each year. I am so pleased at how hard they have worked!

This was our first year of SONLIGHT, and oh how we loved it! My goal has always been for my kids to love reading....well look at all the books they have read this year. Paul read all of these for his reading time! There are a few more he read from the library so I don't have those. He has read 30 books this year. That doesn't even include all the read-alouds and the history I read to him. He has really enjoyed this year and learned so much!

He also completed Teaching Textbooks 5, some Queen Homeschool Bible studies, and so many review items. He has written several papers using IEW and worked through Abeka's 5th grade Language program? He has had a terrific year!

Zach really stepped in to reading this year. He has read these books for school. And, he spends hours in our home library reading all kinds of books on animals, insects, dinosaurs, and any thing he can get his hands on!

He has also completed Abeka "Letters and Sounds 1" and "Language 1". We worked really hard in Math and he is trying really hard! That is where he seemed to really struggle this year, so we will focus on Math this summer. He worked on handwriting a lot and improved drastically. He did LOTS of creative play and cutting, coloring, painting, and creating this year.

Molly mainly worked on reading this year. It's so exciting to see her world come alive with words! She pours over books and finds all the words she can read. She takes the boys chapter books and acts like she's reading them. She has a bookmark and marks where she left off. She can't wait to be able to read "big books" like the boys. I don't think it will be long and she will be reading like a pro! Reading was the only "official" schooling she did each day. Unofficially she worked on counting, and adding as well as handwriting. She loves to "do school" like the boys, so she had her own workboxes and she always had fun learning activities in them.

So, I now have a 6th grader (sniff, sniff) a 2nd grader, and a Kindergartener! Wow, they are growing so fast!

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Letha said...

We have used Sonlight for 6 years glad I had friends who introduced me to it. We LOVE it, too! My boys are huge readers. So glad you had a great year. :)