Sunday, March 4, 2012

K5 Learning - a review

The kids love anything that they can do on the computer. No matter what it is they think it is fun because it means they get extra screen time. So, when I get a chance to review an educational computer program they are always ready to get started.

K5 Learning is intended for Kindergarten through 5th graders and works on Reading, Math, Spelling, and Math Facts. You start with an assessment so the program knows where to place the students. The assessment is a little long so I sat with each of my three kiddos to make sure they stayed on task. They actually enjoyed the assessment as did I. It helped me to see their strengths and weaknesses in both Reading and Math. I was also given a detailed report when they were finished. The assessment broke down Reading and Math skills and gave specific information on which areas they were strong and which ones they were weak. It then placed them in the appropriate level of the program. At any time, if the parent thinks the assigned level is too difficult or too easy they can send a quick email to have that adjusted. I did this with Zach and they changed the level by the next morning.

We focused on the Reading and Math lessons for Zach and Paul.

The reading lessons were divided in to:
Reading Comprehension
Phonemic Awareness
Sight Words

The Math lessons were divided in to:
Number Skills and Algebra

Both boys enjoyed doing their lessons and it was great extra practice for them. This is not a complete curriculum. But it worked really well to make sure some of those skills we don't necessarily get to everyday were covered and reviewed.

The parent reports were very beneficial to see how many lessons were completed, how much time they had spent on the lessons as well as the percent mastered.

This would be a wonderful program for summer time to keep the important skills sharp. It was also great for the week this month that Mommy was sick. I could easily tell the boys to do a Math or Reading lesson on K5 Learning so I knew they were learning. I could also see it being beneficial for a student who is behind to work on needed skills in the summer months.

You can sign up for a free 14 day trial or you can take a look at some sample lessons to see if this program would work for your student.

Pricing Info
Monthly Subscription
1st child.....$25
Additional Child.....$15

Yearly Subscription
1st Child.....$199
Additional Child....$129

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Disclosure: I was given a free subscription to K5 Learning for a limited time for the purpose of this review. There was no other compensation given for this review. All opinions are my own, honest opinion.

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