Thursday, February 9, 2012

Math Rider - a review

Paul is still working on total mastery of multiplication and division. Zach is working on addition and subtraction facts. So, there is lots of practicing Math facts going on at our house.

Last year we were blessed with reviewing a phenomenal math facts game, Math Rider. Last year I wrote:

Practicing math facts has never been a very fun task around here. We have tried various methods and some have been more successful than others. Now that we have MathRider I don't have to worry about any math fact practice. This fun math game uses artificial intelligence to adapt to your child and help them to master all math operations for 0-12. Your child can go on a magical ride on their horse through the "Enchanted Mathlands" while solving math problems. MathRider comes as a downloadable product and is very reasonably priced at only $37. Considering I can use it for all of the kids to learn all of their math facts--addition, subtraction, multiplication and division, for one price I think that is quite a deal! And the added bonus is that they LOVE it!

You decide what set of facts the child will be working on (addition, subtraction, multiplication, or division) and they are given a "quest". There is a short story about something they have to go find in the "Enchanted MathLands". As the child moves through the MathLands their horse must "jump" an obstacle. In order to jump the obstacle the rider has to answer a math fact. As the child moves through the program the program customizes itself to the rider. If a rider misses a "jump" the fact is quoted very clearly for the rider to hear.

And the love of MathRider has not gone away with the review we were blessed with again this year. I really need to make this a priority in our budget soon so we can enjoy this wonderful program all the time. The actual ride is simple and the kids like that. It is just enough scenery to keep them I treated but not too much to be overwhelming. They love to see how many problems they can get correct in a row to earn bonus points. As well as seeing how quickly they can complete a ride for more bonus points.

I love the fact that I can log in and see the progress the kids have made. It's very easy to see what facts they need help on and which ones they have mastered.

I should note that there is a mystical element to the game with the student going on rides to find magical flowers and things of that nature. It is not overly "magical" and it doesn't bother me but I know it may not be appropriate for all of my readers out there. It is truly a very fun and effective game. Too many "educational games" include too much "game" and not enough "education". That is simply not true with MathRider! The primary goal is mastery of math facts, it just happens to be fun and engaging too!

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Disclosure: I was given a free trial of MathRider for review purposes. There was no other compensation given for this review. All opinions are my own.

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