Thursday, February 9, 2012

January 2012

I can't seem to do weekly wrap-ups so I thought I might try monthly wrap-ups and see how that goes.

So, for January...we started back school with intentions of getting 3 full weeks in before vacation.

We worked on our new state study. We started with Connecticut. Zach and Molly loved doing the Lapbook I purchased through CurrClick. We also used a lot of the information found in "Confessions of A Homeschooler's" Road Trip USA Geography Unit.

Their favorite part was making Clam Chowder---it turned out so YUMMY!

Everyone liked it....even Paul...which is rare!

We continued our state study with Deleware and made crab cakes (they were yummy too, but no pictures...sorry.

Then, when we were about to get started on our final week of school before vacation. We had some surprise visitors! Our nephew and his wife came in to town for a few days. They stayed with us, so we were able to spend lots of time with them.

There was LOTS of wrestling going on for those few days! You can see Stephanie's arms making sure no one falls....she hasn't been around these crazy boys that long! Jake spent a lot of time at our house when he was a teenager...he's who made Paul the rough and tough kid that he is!

Jake is Paul and Zach's favorite person in the world

Molly likes Jake too..

But, she definitely prefers Stephanie (sorry Jake, girls gotta stick together)

We had a great visit with them and miss them so much!

The rest of January was spent on our ski trip, and that deserves a whole post of its own. We did spend a day in DC while we were up that way, so there was definitely some educating going on!

Now it's February and it should be a pretty regular month, or atleast I hope so. We don't have any vacations or major interruptions in school anticipated until summer. We have 12 weeks left in our curriculum so I'm hoping for a good run of school to get this year finished up? Twelve weeks doesn't sound too bad, I think we can handle that!
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