Monday, August 15, 2011

Media Free Days...What do they look like

Unfortunately many parents are scared to take media away from their kids. They have several reasons why media is good for them but many times the truth is just that they don't know what to do with their kids. They think that if the kids aren't watching tv or playing a video game they will be complaining about being bored or they will get too rowdy. Well, the too rowdy part does occasionally happen in our home. But, more often than not, our media free days are peaceful and full of creativity. On pretty days the kids are outside playing in the woods or playing the sport of the season in the front yard. But, on days where it's raining or just plain too hot to be outside without a swimming pool nearby my kids tend to turn to their creative side.

We have lots of Lego building and playing going on.

And some tent building

Which leads to playing together

We have cookie baking and decorating

And tasting

We even found a gluten free cookie recipe that Zach likes

And oh so much more...reading without being asked, painting, coloring, building, creating, and in general just being kids exploring the world around them. They get along better and have less attitude when there is no media influencing them. It has become such a wonderful experience we are considering cutting it down even more. Try it, you'll probably like it, and your kids will thank you for day!

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