Friday, August 26, 2011

2 Weeks Down!

We have now completed 2 weeks of 5th, 1st and K4. So far, our curriculum choices have been a success!

Our week in review:

We started the week with a "Well Overhaul" which made Monday and Tuesday a little crazy. The kids were too busy watching the work in the front yard to focus on school.

We also attended a funeral this week for a close friend's brother. He was killed in a motorcycle accident at only 36 years old. He has three beautiful daughters and one child on the way. It was a really sad week.

In between the funeral and watching the truck we did manage to get some work done. Molly and Zach worked diligently on their "Going On A Bear Hunt" lap books. This was our first lap book and they really enjoyed it.

Paul and Zach love the maps on the window. We have always had large maps in the schoolroom (when we had a dedicated schoolroom) and they never got looked at unless it was part of the lesson. For some, strange reason the boys love these maps. They pour over them without even being asked and have already learned so much geography. Here they are quizzing each other on the locations of places they have been studying. This is all AFTER school is "done"!

Our "Morning Board" is a big success. I will have to post more specifics on this in a later post.

This is the latest activity I came up with for Molly's workboxes. I was cleaning up some beads she had been playing with and I thought about how I could turn it in to more than fine motor skills practice. So, I just put numbers on construction paper, punched a hole in them and tied them on to the cord she uses for her bead necklaces. She then just had to put the correct number of beads on each one. She loved it and was so pleased that she could do it all by herself. I think I am going to make some more for Zach for addition and subtraction practice.

Paul really got in to the Tangrams this week.

I can't seem to stop Zach when it comes to reading now! He has truly taken off and can read just about anything. He wants to read chapter books like his brother.

We worked on some file folder games I made this summer. Zach gets so frustrated when the pieces don't stay where he puts them so I added a magnet to the back of the pieces and he uses the small magnetic dry-erase board for them to stick to.

Molly loved her new Upper and Lower Case Letter Match.

Paul started his new IEW Writing Book. "All Things Fun and Fascinating". He is working on having a good spirit about trying new things--he went a little overboard here! We worked through the SWI-A from IEW last year. You can see the review I did of it here.

Paul also worked on some research skills using the computer.

Zach and Molly helped make some chocolate chip cookies.

And the kids loved playing one of our new review items, Tri-Cross. They loved teaching Daddy how to play too!

It was a terrific week full of blessings from the Lord. I feel so blessed to be able to stay home and teach my kiddos. We have such an amazing, blessed life!

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kellihicks said...


Heather @ Marine Corps Nomads said...

Looks like you had a GREAT week. I probably would have been too interested in what was going on outside to get much done too. ;)

I'm sorry to hear about the loss of your friend's brother. :(

Debra said...

Love the magnet idea with the file folder games. I'm going to remember that one.

Also, will be interested to see how you like All Things Fun & Fascinating. I'm thinking that one is in our future. :)

Our Homeschool Reviews said...

You know, I need to post a map up. I have one but it is behind the bookcase and we only pull it out when needed. I think my daughter would gravitate to it too. You bead idea is great!

Our Village is a Little Different said...

You have such great ideas - and I love how homeschool moms share all their greatest tricks!

I'm glad your well is fixed, but I'm so sorry to hear about your friend's brother. That's heartbreaking. My father died in a motorcycle accident. We were all grown, and it still was almost too difficult for me to bear. - My heart breaks for his family.


Mary said...

Great ideas :) They look like they were having such fun!!!

Jennifer said...

Thanks for visiting my blog. Those window maps do look cool. I'll have to try the beads for subtraction, too. That looks like a great week.