Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Wits and Wagers Family - a review

Our family loves games.  The kids love the interaction with each other and with Mom and Dad.  Mom and Dad love the interaction/family time as well as the educational value of games.  We recently deemed Sunday afternoon family game time.  We take turns picking the game each week.

In the past our favorites have been UNO or Parcheesi.  We now have a new favorite that gets lots of play time both on Sunday afternoon and any other time we can find time to play.  "Wits and Wagers" from North Star Games is "the most award-winning party game in history".  And now they have "Wits and Wagers FAMILY", a simplified version to make it more "playable" for the entire family.  This family game states for ages 8 and up, but all three of ours loved it, and Molly has even won a couple of times.  It is truly a game that anyone can play, and also learn from.

The game is simple.  A question is read and each player (or team) writes their guess down on their answer board.  The answer is always a number.  Each player then lays their answer board down on the table.  Then the "Meeples" come in to play.  A Meeple is a small wooden figure shaped like a person.  Each player has two Meeples of the same color--a large one and a small one.  If you think your answer is the closest (without going over) you can place your Meeple on your answer, or if you think Dad knows best you can place your Meeple on Dad's answer. Or, you can even split your Meeples up.  Then the correct answer is given and points are scored:
1 point for writing the winning guess
1 point for placing a small Meeple on the winning answer
2 points for placing a large Meeple on the winning answer
Whoever reaches 15 points first is the winner.

The questions are fun and educational some of them we have NO idea what the answer might be, making the guessing that much funnier.  We have learned how many Nabisco animal Cracker shapes there are, how many times a honey bee flaps it wings in 1 second, how tall the world's tallest dog is (in inches), how many sentences are in the children's book "Where the Wild Things Are" and so much more.  It has been a blast to watch the kids write down their outrageous guesses to questions like "How many different Webkinz stuffed animals have there been?" or to watch Paul try to recall facts that he should know, like "how many planets have rings around them?" or "what is the boiling point of water?".  The other educational part comes in with writing numbers, something Zach and Molly both need practice in.

We have loved this game, and I am hoping they will come out with an "expansion pack" of some type when we get through all 300 questions, which will take a long time, but I am sure this will be a family favorite for years to come!

You can purchase the game through Amazon or go here and find a retail store near you.

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