Thursday, October 27, 2011

Say Anything - a Review

My last post was all about "Wits and Wagers Family" and all the fun our family had playing that game from North Star Games!  Well, we were also privileged to review another game from North Star Games!  This game is "Say Anything Family Edition"

I must say, North Star Games has a knack for creating great games!  "Say Anything" is a fun and light-hearted game that brings families together.  It gets them thinking about other family member's likes and dislikes.

How to Play
Much like "Wits and Wagers" each player gets their own small dry-erase board, and an answer pen.  This time, instead of Meeples each player gets 2 "player tokens".  The "judge" pulls a card and chooses one of the three questions on the card to ask the remaining players.  Everyone (except the judge) then writes an answer on their player board and places it face-up on the table as quickly as possible. The judge then uses the super-high-tech "Select-O-Matic 6000" (it's a cardboard spinner!) to select his/her favorite answer and places the "Select-O-Matic 6000" face-down on the table.   The players then try to guess which answer the judge picked and can place their player tokens on one or two answers.  The "judge" reveals her answer and points are scored.

Points are awarded as follows:
1 point for each player token placed on the answer that was selected by the judge
1 point for the player who wrote the answer selected by the judge
1 point to the Judge for each player token placed on the answer she selected.  
There is a maximum of 3 points scored per round.

The questions are sometimes quite zany and other times a bit more serious.  
-Which technology product would be the hardest to live without?
-What would be the weirdest fear to have?
-Which TV character would I least like to be?
-If a one-month old baby could speak, what would it say?

Our Thoughts
This game is an absolute blast to play, when the players are all old enough to play.  The suggested age is 8 and up, and though anyone that can read and write (or draw) their answer CAN play, it makes it a little slower and a little less fun when the player may not totally understand the question.  My 6 year old can play but it is more challenging for him and he would became frustrated when he could not come up with an answer quickly or simply did not understand the question. The questions are very family oriented, which is great, but they are still somewhat difficult for most kids under about 8 to understand.  

Paul, at age 10, LOVES this game and he can't wait to have his older cousins over to play.  It will be great family fun with the extended family throughout the Holiday season!    North Star Games as definitely created another favorite in our household and I am sure all the kids will be able to play soon!
The game can be purchased through Amazon, or you can go here to find a retail location near you. 

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Disclosure-This product was given to me for review purposes. All opinions expressed are my own honest opinion. No other compensation was given for this review.

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