Thursday, July 7, 2011

Organization!! Is it possible? Part 2

You may remember my post a few days ago about organizing our loft/office/library area. I am still busily working on it. Today I hired my niece to watch the kids so I could have some uninterrupted time to organize. As of my last post this is what the two areas looked like.

This is the original "schoolroom" turned junk room/school storage space. This is the space we are making Steve's office space. I cleaned it out last time and here it is almost EMPTY which was an all day project in itself.

Here is the office space/loft area that will become the "library".

We took Steve's desk and moved it to his new office:

He also works on other peoples computers and needed a space in his new office for that, as well as a book shelf for his books. We didn't want to spend any money on another desk and the other desk from the loft/office was too big to put in the space. So this is what we came up with. This is his personal computer that he does some web design on, as well as uses the monitor to hook up to other pc's he is working on. It's far from beautiful, but it is functional.

Now, for the loft/library. I have some of my bookshelves in there and have started sorting the books:

I still need a few more bookshelves.

Here is the MESS that is still lingering to be sorted through. It is amazing to me how cleaning something out can often make such a huge mess. But, at least I have a plan and the space to work the plan. Now, if I can just find the time to work the plan!

And, the part of the loft that Steve still has to go through that I have yet to post a picture of:

This is where computers come after they die. Steve often get computers that people want to know if it is worth updating or if they should just be replaced. Those computers that just need to be replaced or often left for us to do something with and they end up here! There are also parts of all kinds that were replaced with new parts. Anyway, Steve is so busy those parts just pile up. I promise our whole house doesn't look like this...just the parts we don't see often! Steve is working on getting all these parts sorted through and either taken to the dump or stored in the attic. Hopefully, next post will be of a completely clean and organized loft area!

And, one more organization project I was able to do this week:

My kids have WAY too many toys. So many that they don't play with a most of them. But, I know they would love them, if supervised correctly. So, I took a few of their sets of things and put them In clear storage boxes and labeled them. I plan to use them as fun workbox items during the school year. I need to get 2 more boxes for play-doh and K'nex.

They do play with the legos (all the time) but they were EVERYWHERE. My husband and I often joke that you can't clean up anywhere in our house without finding at least a handful of legos. I don't know how they end up where they end up sometimes. So, I condensed the Legos to one box. We could have easily filled up 3 or 4 of these boxes with legos but we are trying to get rid of stuff around here. It took us a full day to go through the legos and make sure we had all the "special" pieces that the kids wanted to make sure and keep and to get all the parts of the "guys". We have a small box of just the pieces for the guys. They have had so much fun this week building their armies. We must have 100+ lego mini figures. It really is ridiculous!

So, there's my organizing for the week. How is yours coming?

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Vickie said...

WOW what an inspiration you are. I have a spare room that looks like....well, let's just say you'd think we had tornadoes around here but we don't. lol

Great job! Can't wait to see the finished rooms and now I really need to get started on mine and post some pictures as well.

Jesse, said...

It looks amazing, mama!! Way to go! All of this decluttering and organizing talk has me raring to go, but not until my college classes are out for the summer. 3 more weeks, 3 more weeks! LOL

Our Country Road said...

I certainly see some major progress. Dont you hate that it has to get worse before it can get better? *sigh*