Sunday, August 22, 2010

Mom's are Super Heroes!

"I feel like a super hero with no super powers"

I read that quote on a friend's facebook page not too long ago and thought--how true it is. We, as moms, have meals to cook, laundry (oh, the laundry) to do, houses to clean, doctor's appointments to make (and then actually keep), and so many other things to keep up with, not to mention homeschool moms who are so blessed to teach their kids at home...where is that supposed to fit into our daily schedule. Moms truly are super heroes, the problem is we don't have the fancy gadgets of Batman, the super speed and strength of Superman or Mr. Incredible, or even the oh-so-useful stretchiness of Elastigirl. If only I had one of these superpowers maybe my house wouldn't always be in need of cleaning, the laundry might be completely done--occasionally, the kids would be the smartest kids around, and our husband's would always have freshly pressed slacks for work and home-cooked meals piping hot on the table as soon as they walked in the door. But alas, we don't have these powers, so we have to find something else to help us keep our sanity! I think I have found that sanity-keeper....The SchoolHouse Planner from The Old SchoolHouse Store!!

This ebook is over 600 pages of forms to make all Moms feel a little more like a superhero. Organization is the key to getting just about anything accomplished, and this planner will help you get organized! Some of the forms and features are:

-daily to do lists
-week at a glance forms
-daily planning forms
-daily, weekly, and monthly objectives form
-84 recipes
-24 articles
-craft planning forms
-attendance charts
-schedules for 2, 3, 4, or 5 kids

There is so much more I can't even post it all. I have looked and looked for a planner that had everything I needed but never found it. Well, now I have. I can print out what I need and put it in a 3-ring binder and start my planning. No, my house is not spotless, my laundry is still not completely done, and I still struggle with fitting everything in to a day, but this planner sure makes life alot easier. So, head on over to the Old SchoolHouse Store and purchase your planner so you can feel a little more like a superhero too!

DISCLOSURE: I have written this advertisement as a member of TOS Homeschool Crew. I was given a free copy of the 2010 Planner to download and use, this is not a review of the product but an advertisement for the product.


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