Monday, July 2, 2012

Homeschool Spanish Academy - a review

I took 3 years of Spanish in High School and knew it pretty well. However, that was almost 20 years ago! I remember the basics and have taught some to the kids. But, Paul is ready for more. We have tried a couple of Spanish programs, with little success. Mainly the problem is pronunciation. Reading words in a book doesn't help when it comes to a different language! You need someone who really knows the language to teach you, if you really want to learn it! So, we were thrilled to review Homeschool Spanish Academy!

Homeschool Spanish Academy is an immersive, online approach to teaching Spanish. Your child has their own personal Spanish teacher to teach them Spanish via Skype. Paul did not want to start this, afterall it's summer! But, he had no choice and after the first lesson he looked forward to his lessons and was using words in Spanish all the time! He truly loved it! He had a wonderful tutor named Rosa. She is from Guatamala and thus a native speaker of Spanish.

Before the first lesson we got a call from the tech-support team at HSA and they made sure we were set up on Skype and ready to go. They made it super easy! All you need is a high speed internet connection, a microphone, and a webcam. We actually did not use the webcam and didn't have any trouble. Rosa could not see Paul, but Paul could see Rosa. I think later in the lessons, and perhaps in the upper level a webcam is necessary. The lessons are scheduled by you at your convenience. HSA uses Schedulicity which is a very easy scheduling programing. You (or your student) just logs in through the HSA website and selects when you want your lesson and it is then scheduled for you. You do not have to schedule it for the same time every week, and you do not have to schedule all of your lessons in advance. Our summer schedule is ever-changing so I often scheduled his lesson the night before. The times and days of the week varied greatly, but he got his lesson when it worked for us.

Paul has completed 6 of the 7 lessons and has learned so much! He has learned the alphabet, numbers through 1,000, family, greetings, and farewells. There is a scope and sequence as you can see below, but the instructor tailors the lessons to each child so they may not go in that exact order, and they may skip some lessons if they already know the material. All lessons and any homework is sent to you via email in a pdf. Paul completed his lessons in class so he never had written homework. However, we did try to go over his lesson several times during the week.

There are multiple levels and multiple ways to set up how many lessons you want to start with for your student. HSA starts at age 5 and goes through adult! The pricing for the elementary level is as follows:

If you have two students in the elementary level you can have them work together. The pricing for that option is as follows:

There are also middle school and high school and adult levels with different pricing options.

It truly is like having your own personal Spanish tutor for your child. We will be continuing this program for as long as we can afford it! Knowing a second language is important in today's world. And what better way to learn it then from a native speaker with one-on-one lessons!

Disclosure: We recieved 7 online lessons of Homeschool Spanish Academy for free in exchange for an honest review. There was no other compensation given for this review. All opinions are my own, honest opinions.

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