Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Baseball Season

Baseball season has been in full swing now for close to two months! It has been a wonderful season for the boys!

Paul is on a team with six of his buddies from church. Steve and three other Dads from our church are the coaches. Paul is playing shortstop, pitcher and catcher. He is hitting really well, and most importantly he is having a BLAST!

Zach is doing so much better this year! He is playing center field, shortstop amd pitcher's mound (at his age the coach pitches but a payer plays the mound). He is making outs on the field and hitting really well. Again, most importantly he is having a great time! I really can't imagine coaching this many 5 and 6 year old kids but his coaches are phenomenal and do a tremendous job of keeping this group focused on baseball!

When he's not on the field he is hanging out with his buddies from other teams while he waits on his brother.

 Little Molly is not playing baseball but she definitely enjoys hanging out at the fields, playing with her friends, and cheering for her brothers!

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