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Great Commission Language: The Easy Spanish review

In today's world I think it is becoming even more important to teach our children foreign language--several if at all possible. The problem, for our family, as always been when do we fit a foreign language in to our already busy schedule. Paul took a class through our homeschool group a couple of years ago, and we really enjoyed that. But, the teacher decided to quit teaching and stay home with her new baby--and I am not complaining about that choice! We have also used various Spanish programs to learn things like colors and numbers, but we needed something that was easy to implement and would work with all three kiddos.

Great Commission Language offers both Spanish and French and has 2 different levels of each. Since we have had some experience in Spanish and Steve and I both took Spanish in high school and remember a little, we chose Spanish. I chose the Junior Level for K-3rd since Zach and Molly have really had no experience in Spanish and it's been a while for Paul. I was hoping to start easy and encourage a love of learning a foreign language. The Junior Level focuses on the vocabulary and leaves the grammar aspects for when they are older.

The program is very easy to follow and has short lessons. The short lessons are great for us because not only do they easily fit in to our day but it keeps my two little ones attention. The lessons consist of a short story on audio CD mainly between Chichi the dog and Belicia, a little girl. Belicia speaks English while Chichi mainly speaks Spanish. I have been amazed that my kids have been able to follow the story line quite well. The book also gives you a vocabulary list to go with each lesson. We use this to introduce new words before the day's story so the kids are prepared for the story.

The 2 CD's also offer many activities and coloring pages to enhance the child's understanding and help them to enjoy it. There are coloring pages to go with each lesson for my little ones to enjoy and then more involved activities that work well for Paul. When homeschooling a wide age range finding something that works for everyone is difficult. The only other subject we have been able to combine for all three kiddos has been Science, so a combined approach for an "elective" is wonderful!

We have really enjoyed the curriculum so far. It has been great to hear all three kids telling Daddy what new Spanish words they learned that day. AND, it's not just the colors and numbers it's real conversational Spanish. The "Easy Spanish" is geared toward K-3, but really it has worked well for Paul as well, and he is in 5th grade. I would not use it with him without his younger siblings though. He could definitely benefit from the next level of Spanish that Great Commission Language offers, but for now it's working great to keep them altogether! The entire program, which includes the Curriculum Guide (with all stories, vocabulary, and activity ideas) and the 2 enhanced CD's (which includes all the audio stories, coloring pages and many printable activities) is priced at $69.95 and can be purchased here.

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Disclosure: I received this product for free in exchange for my honest review of the product. All of the opinions stated here are my honest opinions. There was no other compensation given for this review.

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