Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Happy Fall!

To "celebrate" the first day of fall we had a "Happy Fall" day in our homeschool. Here is what I managed to get pictures of:

We started our day with some of our favorite "fall" books and the kids colored fun fall pictures

All of our books were about leaves so we then took a walk outside to find some cool's still HOT here so not many leaves have fallen but we were able to find a few. Of course, because there are boys involved, finding leaves digressed in to burning leaves with a magnifying glass...

We then created some cool "leaf suncatchers" with our leaf finds, wax paper, and crayon shavings.

I didn't get a lot of pictures of this because a hot iron was involved. The kids loved this craft.

We also did our scarecrow puzzle and there was some regular school involved.

We also completed foam jack-o-lanterns to hang from our ceiling as well as started some leaves that we will finish tomorrow. Nothing fancy, but the kids loved this painting, cutting, and gluing craft. Here are the "work in progress" pics.

And the completed projects!

We are now ready for fall -- hopefully the temperatures will cooperate with us and NOT reach the low-mid 90's!!!

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